We need more typers from 7.00 PM onwards to solve the captchas.
Need 1500 workers during this time.
We need more typers from 7.00 PM onwards to solve the captchas.
Need 1500 workers during this time.

FAQ for getting easy captchas and doubts in captcha solving

With latest version we have provided browsing feature.

So you can browse something especially things related to google.

Ex : google maps, google images or any google advertisement links.

All these will get you cookies in our app which will make google to send you easy captchas.


When you close app or when the app gets closed automatically it will clear all the cookies automatically.

So it will help if you browse again.

Also now we have auto login.If you check that you dont have to login all time.It will start on its own when you open software.

Note : App takes few seconds to open so please wait till it opens. Don't try to open again and again.

You can also login into gmail to get easy captchas.

Note : sending some dummy email to another gmail id from inside app can get easy captchas.You can send it even to another email address of yours.You can do those once in a while to get easy captchas.

Useragents :

Useragents is another thing which google checks to decide hard or easy captchas.

Our system will automatically chose useragents on its own.In case if you want to use your own

Then you can do so by clicking the wheel picture in software and enter your own.

Remember the same useragents you set will be used till you remove it.

Click close the window it will be auto saved till you remove it manually.

Test useragents before you save it in software. There are good and bad ones.

Wrong captcha solving or clicking wrong images as answer

Please don't click wrong images. For example if google ask choose roads and if you dont care and start to click whatever comes to your hand then google will freeze the recaptcha. If you keep doing it it will start sending you so many hard captchas.

Still you continue clicking wrong images then it will stop loading any recaptcha to your window.

Google knows all. When it ask to choose car or select signs do it carefully and correctly.

Mistakes happen but don't choose wrong images purposely.

Things you need

Good internet connection. If you have good internet connection then recaptcha images will load fast

I have seen so many of you having good speed so we are planning for 2 images per id in next update.

For now please use 2 instance to get 2 captchas at a time.

Please read instructions to open 2 instances by following the link below

Once again answer all google questions correctly. Google knows everything you can't cheat.

You can watch these video for opening 2 instances and how to get easy recaptcha

Warning Be cautious

Warning for those who choose wrong answers in google captchas

I request you or warn you not to choose wrong answers in google captchas.Just to show you what can happen if you select lots of wrong images in the video I did only few bad images.It blocked my system with error your system is sending automated queriers so to protect our clients you cant solve captchas now Then I closed app,cleared all cookies changed useragent manually to get captchas again.