We need more typers from 7.00 PM onwards to solve the captchas.
Need 1500 workers during this time.

Important Note

Disable your antivirus before starting to work


Step 1: Click the text "CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD" in the homepage

Step 2: After downloading right click and click extract here

Step 3: Double click and open Programworker which is an application

step 4: Click run and the login page appears

Enter your login details and start working.

step 5: If you want to login into gmail you can.

If you want to use 2 instances.

step 1: Copy and paste captchatypesprogram and captchatypersprogram.exe in a new folder outside our app

step 2: Rename both the files

step 3: Now copy paste these 2 files in our captchatypersprogram folder like in screenshot

step 4: Now to open 2 instance. Double click programworker and click run

step 5: Again double click captchatypersprogram-copy and click run

step 6: Now you can work with 2 instances

Important instructions for antivirus

Disable or pause your antivirus protection before you start working with our application. Antivirus is blocking our software so you can work only after disabling or pausing it.In order to know how to disable or pause antivirus please google.

For software support please add us in following messenger
helpcaptchatypers@yahoo.com or helpcaptchatypers@gmail.com
Support available from morning 10am to evening 6PM.
Please note support is only for software related issues.