We need more typers from 7.00 PM onwards to solve the captchas.
Need 1500 workers during this time.

Our Server Timings are Indian Standard Time

Our server time

We never sell admin of our server. Our admin and software are free.

We are not responsible for your counts not getting added if you use 3rd party software.

Type fast without timedout or else your id will be banned for 30 minutes.

Dont buy admin from others.They can change your payment details and hack your money.Mail to admin@captchatypers.com to get admin free of cost.

Good news

Captchatypers now sending payment from Monday to Friday starting from August 1,2012.

Minimum payout is 2$.If you reach 2$ send request to us from your admin and you will be notified in admin when payment is made.

Your payment request will be completed within 24 hours. For Indians after we make payment it takes some few hours for the payment to reach you   as we send it through NEFT.

Admins and Employee ids which dont work for minimum 1 month will be deleted.

Every month we are going to choose 5 teams who do lots of correct confident and google captcha entries.

In that top 2 teams will be given 5$ extra in their account every month.

The next 3 teams will be given 3$ extra in their account every month.

Once our volume increases we will announce prizes weekly.So start typing those confident and google captcha images and earn more and more.

  • Case sensitive captchas
    9AM to 9PM - 0.80$ per 1k,
    9PM to 9AM - 1.00$ per 1k
  • New google captcha and confident captchas
    7am to 7pm - 1.3$ per 1k,
    7pm to 12am - 1.7$ per 1k,
    12am to 7am - 2.2$ per 1k
  • We have huge demand for google captcha so use this opportunity to earn more.These images are available in captcha entry all under link
  • http://worker.captchatypers.com/Forms/CaptchaEntryAll.aspx
  • No need to register new admin or worker id,Just login with your regular worker id and type under captcha entry all.
  • Use this opportunity to earn more.These are easy to solve captchas than normal ones. Contact us if you have any suggestions in this. Software for confident captchas will be available soon.

Hello Typers Plz login to start typing

Beware of Scammers:

captchatypers dont provide work through any other website.Dont mail us asking for admin or payment of other servers.We got complaint that they didnt get payment from some server which looks like captchatypers.So beware of scammers.If you got cheated then we are not responsible.

captchatypers dont mail you from any other mail id other than official mail ids.So beware of scammers like captchatypers@gmail.com and other mail ids.Dont pay for admins and get cheated.